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19th OF SEPTEMBER 2004 




Antonio Reyes tells us:

The concert was a complete success. Never on a Sunday, this plaza has been so crowded for a concert.

At these traditional celebrations, the oldest and most important at the Canary Islands, there are performances with first class groups or solo artists of all styles almost every day from the beginning of September. But Los Bravos, together with many other groups and singers from Tenerife from the 60’s, were in charge of making the 3,500 persons at the event –an unbeatable amount for the place- remember the best years of their lives.
With the best songs from the 60’s selection and from Los Bravos’ excellent repertoire, all those fans carried on clapping, singing and dancing, from 9:30 pm to 1:00 in the morning, until practically the end of the holidays and the beginning of the workweek.

There was an exceptional judgment at selecting the artists to perform, and very specially, at Los Bravos’, who had a wonderful one-hour show in which, as it was expected, presented us with their finest songs, one after the other, as well as their own versions of hits that were taken to first places by other artists during those wonderful years.

The sound was perfect, the audience, wonderful and devoted to the artists at every moment, the weather, perfect -22 degrees- and everyone shared the greatest outlook about the whole event.

Our gratitude to Antonio Reyes for sending the following photos:


Other groups who shared the show with Los Bravos

Aguacada & Chago Melian

Aguacada & J.J.Jorge

Aguacada & The Drifters


The Types

Aguacada & Arán Bravo

Los Misteriosos



As I anticipated some days ago, my wife and I went to Los Bravos concert in Tenerife. As we live in Las Palmas, we made a roundtrip reservation with hotel included, so very early in the morning we were walking around the city and waiting for the concert to start.

We had never attended a concert with the group, despite having followed their steps for over 30 years, which justified the great expectation for the performance. It started right on time, and the opening acts took place and started heating the environment little by little… Then the time came, it was about 11 pm, approximately when they announced the group. Mike appeared, with the grammar mess that he’s got us used to…only a few minutes, and then, the blast! As we say in my country, craziness in the West, and the first sounds of Black is Black, (only for a few instants), which were followed by Pretty Woman, I want a name, Trapped, Que te Quiero, Los Chicos con las Chicas, Black is Black, Te Quiero Así, Payaso Loco (More than just a Woman), La Moto (Baby, Believe me)…in fact…I was struggling with myself whether to film with my video camera (as an amateur), dance with my wife, letting myself get caught up by her enthusiasm, and by a large group of fans who never stopped moving, or not to miss a single detail of the performance… At the end, a little of everything came out.  So I danced, filmed, sang, and enjoyed the performance to the highest extent… and also took some pictures that I haven’t developed yet. I hope they look good.

 As I expected, not only the ones who are a few years older attended the concert… it was delightful to see how young men, women and children from all generations crowded the plaza and enjoyed the performance of a mythical group from the 60’s. Someone mentioned: If these songs had never been heard before, they would be an unquestionable success in the voice of Mike with Los Bravos. That was a very young person who was standing by our side.  No disappointment. Mike, with his powerful voice and peculiar register; and the musicians, the original ones as well as new acquisitions. Thousands of persons jam-packed the plaza. We all enjoyed…Thanks Bravos! Especially to me, it is a dream come true after so many years.