28th OF SEPTEMBER 2004







Our friend Gilda Echevarría tells us everything about the concert, as she lived it:


"The people in Miami were insane with the coming of the new hurricane: Los Bravos.

The show was shared with Los Brincos and Santi Carulla, from Los Mustang. Los Bravos played many songs from their repertoire:


1.     Trapped

2.     Hey, hey Baby, an American song which words were changed to

   Hey, hey Miami

3.     La Parada del Autobus (Stop that Girl), with an exceptional arrangement

4.     Black is Black

5.     Te Quiero Así (some sort of an anthem to love in Southwest Miami)

6.     Los Chicos con las Chicas, with another good arrangement

7.     La Moto (Baby, Believe Me)

8.     No Sé mi Nombre (I want a Name, it was terrific)

9.     El Loco soy yo (Get out of my Life)

10.   Payaso Loco (More than Just a Woman)

11.   Bring a Little Loving

12.   Sympathy

13.   Black is Black (again)


First, Santi Carulla came out on stage with a good musical support. He was better than ever.


Then, Los Bravos came out. Mike was very well dressed in a very elegant suit. He said he was dressed that way because he had realized he was not young anymore, but deep in his heart, he was still a rocker. They played all those songs from the 60’s perfectly tuned. Mike introduced Fernando, saying he is a monster. Behind them, were Miguel, Pablo and Beltrán, making good music. Pablo was like crazy behind the drums. He was playing and singing with tremendous strength.


I took pictures to Mike and Fernando, walked towards Miguel and took another picture, but a security guard stopped in front of me. I thought he was going to take my camera away, but he did not.


The sound felt like Los Bravos’, but classic, refined, pure. Every time they received a standing ovation, Mike would ask to please not to do it. There was modesty and humbleness in his attitude. He was superb. His voice, excellent, and his high tunes came out wonderfully. He was joking with the audience, and would get close to the front of the stage to shake the fans’ hands.


Later on, he mentioned that a friend had asked him to sing El Loco soy Yo (Get out of my Life), but they had to type the words for him, as he did not have a bloody idea of those words anymore. Finally, they brought him a very long paper with the words, which created a lot of laughter. People would laugh madly with anything he said. Everybody sang El Loco soy Yo together with him. At the end he said the fans knew the words better than he did, and that fact made him very jealous. He would not sing El Loco soy Yo on either of the previous occasions he came to Miami, and this time he did, as a friend’s request. Before singing Payaso Loco (More than just a Woman), he mentioned Los Bravos had had the kindness of letting him sing that song, despite the fact that it was from his solo period.


Julio Antonio Ramos, radio announcer for Clásica ’92, was sitting next to me, and he was carried by the music. Everybody was looking at my biography book with discretion, until they started asking where I had gotten it. I received very good remarks on it.


There was a lot of laughter when Mike mentioned that he had lived in Spain for 40 years, but he still keeps his German sense of humor.


Bring a Little Loving sounded better than ever. At the end, the audience was wild and the 5 of them stood next to the end of the stage, and there was some sort of controlled hysteria. Pablo tossed his drumsticks as he usually does, or several drumsticks, as I was told later. I could not catch every detail, as the situations aroused very quickly.


Los Brincos came on stage.  At the end of Los Brincos’ performance, Miguel Morales invited Los Bravos and Santi to come out with them. Mike was at ease, comfortable. It seemed as if he wanted to keep singing. There were lengthy embraces among the groups’ members. All of a sudden, Mike started singing Beebopahllullah. The audience was screaming, thrilled, and even hysterical to see the three groups together. Everybody went to the first row. There were a great number of persons recording videos, taking pictures, in fact, there was a great confusion, and at that point nobody was trying to prevent anybody from taking pictures. They wouldn’t have been able to control such outburst.


For us in Miami, it was a unique occasion. We have an insane love for the Spanish pop groups from the 60’s. Some like some groups better, others are some other group’s fans, but we love all of them just the same.


The memories of those years are not very good for many of us, and that music would reach our soul and bring us hopes for freedom and improvement, and at the same time it would get us closer to our origins.


It was unthinkable to hear rock with Castilian accent. It was our rock par excellence.




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Mike and Fernando

Paco and Pablo


Bravos & Brincos

All in scene

Got on his knees

Pablo and Paco


Bravos, Brincos, Mustang

Final greeting


The Knight Center is a bigger theater than the Jackie Gleason or the Auditorium, (both theaters in Miami where Mike had performed before). I never expected the theater to get so crowded, as it is so big. I also think the change of Saturday 25th to Tuesday 28th was unfortunate for some people who might have not been able to attend due to other responsibilities. I guess the theater was up to 80 % of its capacity, and that, on a Tuesday night…in Miami, is extremely unlikely.