19th OF AUGUST 2004



It was a concert in which Los Bravos delivered the best of them and devoted themselves to an extremely receptive and enthusiastic audience. Complemented with the presentation of Miquelet, Miguel Vicens’ son, who has inherited the talent and rhythm from his father, and will turn into a first class Bravo himself, besides being good looking and pleasant. 

 The garden of King Don Pedro was packed at about 12 at night, time in which the concert started. They sang all their songs of ever and played some rock. And most of all, we saw them enjoy their audience as well. Mike even got on his knees while singing, and also went down on the stage. Pablo excelled with the drums and got us all caught up with his rhythm. Guitar, bass and keyboard accompanied, raising the night heat and making all of us vibrate. The Jumillanos were a truly enthusiastic audience, and Los Bravos appreciated it.


Los Bravos taking a stroll

During the concert

Rehearsal previous to the concert

Farewell and greetings to the audience



Pictures of the new members granted by photographers from Peña La Alborga

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Miquelet Vicens 

Adriana Santana

Francisco Beltrán

Fernando Blanco



They made this concert possible and were awaiting and preparing for the arrival of Los Bravos to Jumilla. Mike told them during the concert: “La Peña… You are the greatest!” It is obvious that with their warm reception, they got into the groups heart.

I would like to send all my affection to Peña La Alborga, to Cayetano, and all the members who conducted themselves so properly with the fans who attended the concert.  They received us with open arms and treated us so kindly as they did their idols. A warm embrace to all of them.

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Magazine edited by La Peña with

Los Bravos’ advertisement 

La Peña´s Anagram

Los Bravos´poster that

decorates La Peña

A special greeting to   CASA DE LA ERMITA   cellars, where we visited their facilities and tried their wonderful wines.

Pablo, Fernando, Mike, Paco and Miguel 

Later on, we finished our trip dining at “BAR LA TAPA”, restaurant “RINCON DE PEDRO”, where they prepare delectable meats besides an assortment of tapas.  I tried bullock loin with greens, which was delicious. And that was the end of our trip to Jumilla.

Mike,Miguel and Pablo during lunchtime

  And I almost forget to recommend you a wonderful place in which you will feel like in your own house (maybe that’s the reason why I forgot to mention it), and it is   Hotel Monreal , where all of us had accommodation, Los Bravos as well as the ones who attended the concert. Excellent service, familiar treatment, and as Mike said it, “A very pleasant place”.

How short time becomes when you are among friends and having a good time!



Photos granted by Juan Canicio, Cayetano Herrero, Fernando Albert and José García, all of them members of La Peña de Alborga. Our appreciation to all. 

Two generations of Los Bravos’ fans in these affectionate fotos; dancing, singing and enjoying the music. 

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