30TH OF JULY 2004





Performed on the 30th of July at the Rosales Cinema Auditorium in Calasparra, booked, mainly attended by people in their 40s and 50s, many had their children join them, so they would experience the rhythm to which their parents moved in the 60s, plastic records playing in an old record player from those old parties.  

         A local band started the show and played until 1:30 am, then Los Bravos showed up with Mike leading, dressed in white and typical beige boots.

        Black is Black, Trapped, La Moto, (Baby, Believe Me) Los Chicos con las Chicas, No se mi Nombre, (I want a name) etc. delighted the people from Calasparra, especially when singing Bring a Little Loving; Mike went down on the stage floor. They also played songs from Mikes solo period, such as Payaso Loco, (More than Just a Woman) Que te Quiero, or Look in my Eyes Pretty Woman, as well as those superb themes recovered from Mike and the Runaways rock and roll trunk.

         They finished by 3:00 a.m., living us floating on the time tunnel from 38 years ago.



Ticket from "The 60s concert"









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We have information about this concert thanks to Cayetano Herrero.